Why Do People Book With You? Use This Reason On Social Media

Travel agents face a lot of competition and if someone or a family books with you, they have made an active decision to do so. They could have booked a holiday with another company, but for some reason, or a range of reasons, they have booked with you. This is a positive outcome, but it is in your interests to find out the reason people book with you, and then make sure this reason is at the heart of your social media activities.

Feel free to ask clients why they selected you rather than another travel agent. Also, review your website and social media activities, as this may offer insight into why people choose you. If one landing page or offer is busier than the others, this is a strong reason people choose you when booking a holiday.

Once you have found a reason or reasons as to why people book with you, utilise it. Likely, other people will also choose you for this reason, so it makes sense to use this feature in your content and promotional material. You should also use it in your social media posts.

Price is a significant factor for many travellers
You can never discount the importance of cost for customers. If you offer holidays at a more affordable price than other travel agents, you have a significant advantage. Therefore, you need to utilise this advantage. If your prices beat your rivals, make sure these prices feature prominently in your social media posts, drawing attention to a hugely critical part of your service.

A personalised service helps many people feel at ease
You need to remember a holiday is hugely essential for many travellers, and they want to enjoy the best break possible. A lot of holidaymakers are looking for guidance and advice in finding their ideal trip. If you listen to holidaymakers and present them with relevant options that pique their interest, you stand an improved chance of being the agent they choose.

You will also likely become the agent people recommend to their friends and associates, helping you to make more sales in the future.

A range of options to choose from is always of interest
For some travel agents, offering a wide range of hotels and resorts is crucial. A lot of holidaymakers are unsure of what sort of holiday they want, perhaps only having a budget or time in mind. The more holidays you have to offer, the more likely it is you will connect with this sort of customer.

If you stand out from the crowd by offering more than other agents, make sure this is a crucial component of your social strategy.

If you are a niche expert, make sure your audience knows
Of course, some people are looking for a specific type of holiday, and this means they will turn to an expert. If you are a niche travel agent, focus on your areas of expertise, and make sure people know you are a trusted source for this style of holiday.

Guidance and advice help many people find their perfect holiday
It may be your key strength is offering guidance and information about holidays. If you help people make an informed decision which leads to them enjoying a fantastic holiday, they will love what you offer. This outcome leads to repeat bookings and recommendations, which is always of benefit for a travel agent.

Your social media posts and engagement should be a continuation of the service you provide to your customers. People expect a certain standard of service from you whether they visit your website, attend a shop in person or engage with you on social media. Therefore, if you want to achieve success on social media, you need to be the travel agent people know you for.

At Agent Travel, we are pleased to say we have worked closely with many travel agents, improving their social media activities. You can argue each travel agent is similar because they provide holidays for travellers, but each travel agent and each customer is unique. We can help you ascertain why people choose you, and then we can present these reasons on your social media activities.

If you want to engage your audience and ensure you provide a consistent message across all your communication and notes, contact Agent Travel today.

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