Why Facebook Advertising Is Important For A Hotelier

Advertising remains hugely important for hoteliers and there is a great deal to be said for focusing on the new wave of social media advertising. With Facebook being the most popular social media site, with billions of users logging on regularly, it makes sense to focus on what Facebook advertising can do for you.

Facebook advertising can be targeted
The number of people that use Facebook is often the headline grabbing figure when it comes to convincing businesses to advertise on it, but the most important factor is the ability to target your audience. Your hotel will likely have a demographic of guests that stay with you. It may be families with kids, it may be couples looking for a romantic break or it may be people with an interest in a particular hobby that makes your hotel a great choice.
You can target adverts at people on a wide range of features so once you know who your demographic audience is, you’ll find it easier to reach out them specifically with Facebook advertising.

You can set spend limits with Facebook advertising
When it comes to advertising, many businesses are concerned about how much they have to spend. Facebook advertising is affordable, it is effective and very importantly, you can set how much you want to spend. It is possible to set a daily spend limit or a total spend limit for your project and once you have reached this level, the promotion will stop. This provides you with confidence that you won’t run up huge bills, allowing you to budget effectively and stay in control of your finances.

You can build on your existing Facebook profile
You should already have a Facebook profile page for your hotel. This is a great way to showcase your rooms and facilities while providing people with information about your hotel. Facebook adverts that drive people to your page or your site pay off in the long term because they ensure people see the very best of what you have to offer.

Facebook adverts are easy to create and manage
Even if you have next to no experience with computers or setting up pages, you’ll find that Facebook adverts are very easy to set up. You will be taken through the process step by step and before you know it, you will have an advertising campaign that is fit for your business.

Facebook adverts allow you to analyse your campaign
No matter what activity you undertake in business, you should look to analyse your actions. Facebook provides analytical tools which allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Many businesses test different types of adverts and use the results to work out which one worked best.

Facebook adverts allow you to set the tone and image or your hotel brand
You should look to create an image and brand for your hotel and Facebook adverts can play a big role in creating this image. No matter what atmosphere you want to enjoy at your hotel, the way you engage and interact with your audience online will impact offline.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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