Why Facebook Advertising Is Important For A Travel Agent

Travel agents face a great deal of competition and this is why they need to showcase what they offer. A travel agent can provide the entire package of foreign travel, and it is important that a travel agent showcases the benefits and features they offer. A tremendous way for a travel agent to achieve this is through Facebook advertising and this is a medium that is becoming increasingly important for a travel agent.

Facebook advertising enables targeted advertising
Every business should be looking for value for money advertising campaigns and travel agents are no different. It is likely that your travel agent will offer holidays or breaks that suit a certain sort of client. It may be that you offer trips for families, for couples, for people in the golden years of life, for single people or youngsters taking a gap year. If you have a specific market in mind, it makes sense to tailor your adverts to reach that market, and this is what is on offer from Facebook advertising.

The fact that Facebook advertising enables you to reach out to people in a certain location, of a specific background or family split or with particular interests means that you can reach the people who are more likely to book a holiday with you. When it comes to value for money advertising campaigns, targeted advertising is the way forward and this is what Facebook advertising offers.

You stay in full control of your budget with Facebook advertising
Again, every business should be concerned about their budget and this is no different for travel agents. With Facebook advertising it is possible to set a budget for a single day or for the entire campaign. This means you will always stay on top of the money that you spend. If you are looking for peace of mind with respect to the cost of advertising, Facebook advertising is the ideal choice.

Facebook ads are cheaper than Google ads
In addition to staying in control of your budget, travel agents will be pleased to know that Facebook advertising is cheaper than Google AdWords, with some studies indicating the Facebook advertising option can be up to 4 times cheaper than Google adverts.

Facebook puts many people in the mood for a holiday
You will often find that many people decide to book a holiday when they look through Facebook. If someone is continually looking through friends and family members enjoying beaks and great trips, they’ll be more likely to want to book a holiday too. This means many people are in the mood for a holiday when they view Facebook, so having adverts on Facebook ensures you are in front of an interested audience.

Facebook adverts allow you to use images and video content effectively
If you want to sell your destinations or your services, images and video content will make a massive difference. Facebook is a platform that thrives on images and video content, so it makes perfect sense for travel agents to use this platform. 

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Ian Watson
Agent Travel UK

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