Why the Use of Pictures and Content Is So Important For the Travel and Tourism Industry

When it comes to promoting your business on social media, you need to think about the best ways to do so. Social media platforms have provided a number of new ways to engage with your audience and to reach out to new users.

There are many different ways in which you can utilise social media but many companies find that the use of photographs and video content to be of great benefit.

Images are immediately engaging and with the quality of smartphones/tablets and internet connectivity improving all the time, video content is becoming increasingly important in the use of social media promotion. This can be clearly seen in the travel and tourism industry and if you are looking to promote your business in this sector, you will find that the use of pictures and content is so important.

You are selling an experience
One of the most important things to remember for the travel and tourism industry is that you are selling an experience. While your hotel or attraction is important, it is just a part of the overall experience that a traveller is looking to enjoy. This means that knowing who your audience is and then providing them with content that meets their needs and expectations is crucial.

If you are a hotel that offers a safe and fun environment for families, this should be the focus of your promotion. If you are a waterpark promising to provide a place where people of all ages can play and socialise all day, this should be the focus of your promotional activities. If you run bus trips to ancient ruins, if you are a local attraction or you have a very specific benefit or feature that you offer, this should be the focus of your content.

No matter what the experience you offer, you will find that pictures and video content will help you to get this message across quickly and effectively. If you run a hotel, showcase the clean and spacious rooms; showcase the spacious dining room or the breakfast buffet options you provide. If you have a kid’s pool, include images of the pool and of the pool in use. If you have a waterslide park, create video content from all of the different slides, flumes and attractions you offer.

When it comes to meeting the needs of your guests and potential users, you need to know what their needs and expectations are, and then provide them with content that shows you can meet all of their needs. The use of video and image content is the ideal way to show that you can meet the needs of people.

It encourages people to engage with you
Another great way that images and video content is of benefit to firms in the tourism and travel industry is that provides an easy entry point for customers to connect with you. People are naturally going to post images and video from their holidays, and if they are doing so on your property or on your trip, why not encourage them to tag you in?

This provides a chance to impress other people and it will increase awareness of your brand and what you have to offer. Most importantly, this is all provided without any additional cost to yourself!

The use of video and image content can be really eye-catching, which means that even on busy social media pages and timelines, your content stands out and grabs attention. When you don’t have a lot of time to make contact, you will find that this is the best way to reach out to new customers and clients.

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